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What is Leadership Festival?

LSF2018 is a 3-day-event for Dreamers & Doers. 

Join us in hosting & energising transformation of leadership, for first hand impact. Our intention is not to TALK about leadership & complexity, but to go one step further & by LIVING it understand what is needed now of us, as leaders. This is the place to co-create leadership of the future.

For whom?

This year’s edition is for those among us who dared to venture beyond the horizon, who reached out, fell & rose again. For members of the Clan of Scars. It does not matter how big your field of influence or if leadership covers your pay-check. What matters is your WORK in the world. That you walk new paths & share your adventures, for others to learn from & with you, for all of us to grow together. The PIONEERS we know are joining represent: 














On the not-knowing

We need leaders who understand, it is ours to gather & learn together how to step into, how to hold, be, and not get scared in the unknown.


How does it feel being in the unknown as an organisation? How is it for my people?

How do I run business & teams? How do I lead from the unknown?

How do we make sense of it together? How can we create workplaces that thrive under such circumstances?

What business results can come out of this?


One of the most relevant things leaders can do now, is to do the unknown. And to do it well.

People of LSF2018

Meet people creating Leadership Festival 2018:

Design Team, Hosting Team, Co-creating Team

Memories from LSF2017

Join the Festival

This year's edition is invite-only. Learn what it means on TICKETS page.

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