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Ready to join us?

This year’s event is committed to an in-depth inquiry and held in a fairly intimate circle of 50 participants, we want to make sure everybody who joins knows what they are signing up for. 

This is why we do not have public ticket sale. However, if you are interested to see if this year’s festival might be just what you are looking, we could meet for a virtual coffee and have a chat. 

That would allow us to listen to your story and to share with you ours, and answer the questions you might have. 

Reach us at or on Facebook.

Now how does that sound?

Where do we meet?

This year we leave the city. We go off-site and into the nature. To be at the waterside, among the trees, burning fires.


We chose something less polished & finished, maybe a bit rough around the edges, where we would feel called to the work that is ahead of us, rather than nicely relaxed and pampered.


We will wait for you at Lipowy Przylądek in Serock, just one hour (by public transport or car) outside of Warsaw.

Lipowy Przylądek

Mazowiecka 75

05-140 Łacha

Serock, Poland

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