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Design Team

Five amazing individuals responsible for

content and programme of the Festival


The Grove's Vice President of Global Learning

Her expertise in humans systems change and organizational learning is based in 25 years of working with a wide range of organizations in the private and public sector.


She has held leadership position in the high tech industry, education, and has had field experiences with indigenous people in Peru, Africa and Australia.


Gisela is German-born and raised and has resided in Canada and Australia, in addition to living most of her adult life near San Francisco in the US.



social innovation expert, co-founder of Yumajai

Dror is a co-founder of Yumajai, an ethical fashion brand, and facilitator of change processes using social technologies. His work and passion lie in building community, process and social design co-creation, creativity, and systems thinking. Through these, he believes that a new future of learning, working and living together can be emerge.


In 2013 he graduated from Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam. He has been working as a consultant to various Businesses & NGOs in Israel, Peru & Colombia, and co-founded DemocratEx venture in Israel. He's teaching and leading Dragon Dreaming, a project design method, around the world and facilitator of the Living-change leadership program in Peru.



New Business Designer, Chief Opportunity Explorer, at INNOVATIKA

She focuses on designing and implementing innovative business models that generate revenues and stable growth. Her beloved projects are aimed at designing new products, services and experiences that result in shining eyes of customers and growing revenues of companies.


Katarzyna specializes in service design, business model design, innovation management, new products development



Empowerment and freedom teacher

Estera's an alchemist creating magic sparks igniting soul. She loves orchestrating reality surrendering to the unknown. Her passion is a sacred art in order to create cracks in a dull daily consciousness. She's a playful trickster and shapeshifter to confuse the grabbing mind. 


Her dream is to cocreate a new way of living when all can realign with the sacred texture of life. Estera's call is also to design a new pathways for more evolved beings to come through conscious birth practices and community vessel. Estera stands up for inclusive connections that all denied, suppressed parts of us within and outside could find place back in our hearts. For unity of masculine and feminine within as well as between genders. For free expression. For sexuality as a gateway to self-liberation and awakening.


Owner of

Frederik Denkens is the owner of, an IT services company that works for startups & software companies. The team is currently 9 people spread over Belgium, Spain & Andorra all working remote. Self-organisation, 100% transparency and wholeness are strong foundations since the beginning. Since about a year fully in the process trying to get structure in the self-organisation with support of Sociocracy 3.0. 


Hosting Team

Five brave women creating Festival's space


Business influencer, cross-cultural psychologists, agile mum
Co-founder of Leadership Festival

Dreamer and doer. I serve large business executives around the world to make their impact the appreciated one – that people, profit, planet, product are all in balance. I undertake different roles: facilitator, sparring partner, transformation guide, friend, consultant. 

the results of this work are that top leaders understand and make the way of doing the business the most powerful, respectful and meaningful, together co-creating great places to work for their teams. My focus is on #daily leadership – as what we do daily matters most.


Superpower: courage, stakeholders engaging

City: Warsaw



Social Innovator, Facilitator, Consultant, Doer

Co-founder of Leadership Festival

Karolina supports organisations and individuals in embracing complexity & creating clarity for commitment & excellent results. Driven by curiousity to find the NEW of Work, Leadership, Home & Family.


Superpower: Endurance.

City: Berlin



Business Leader, Facilitator

Julia spent her last 25 years holding top positions in the business (real estate development, publishing house). Her outstanding methods of leading teams & businesses brought a great balance of energy & happiness of the employees as well as high value & profit for the owners of the company. Now, inspired by international change makers and networks (Alan Briskin, GLEN, Art of convening) she is on the way to use her experience and talents in a new way – engaging collective wisdom, love for the trees & nature. She is holding a youth circles called Molo Molo Challenge – for youngsters to go beyond their limits and use their potential.


Superpower: intuition

City: Gdynia



Business Development, Movement Medicine Teacher

Anna has an interesting mixture of business experience in co-creating brands of health products & services, caring for people as consumers and the planet. Bringing embodiment practices to the business environment working with owners and leaders. She also holds a beautiful and empowering practice of Movement Medicine & Freedance together with a group of musicians supporting people in acting from their highest potential in everyday life.


Superpower: 4D perspective 

City: Warsaw




Co-founder of Upside

Kasia co-founder technological agency Upside when she realized that work should be fun and engaging. With her background in psychology she brings a unique view and approach to software development environment. She's an advocate of purposeful workplaces and meaningful work.

Superpower: making space for others to shine

City: Cracow


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