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End-to-end Experience

The 3 days we spend together are designed as an end-to-end experience. They are being carefully crafted to use collective wisdom in holding space for a real transformation. We invite your to learn from & learn with, to experience the adventure together & to make this time extraordinary in the most valuable way.


26th Sept.

Pre-Fest workshop on Liminal Pathways

Opening Ceremony 

in the evening

27&28th Sept.


29th Sept.

Closing Ceremony 

after lunch

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The 3 days are a complete process, based on Liminal Pathways Model by Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.


Joining Gisela’s Pre-Fest Workshop might be of great help in navigating your Festival experience in a more conscious way.

Leadership Festival 5 Core Values

We are creating LEADERSHIP FESTIVAL so you do not feel alone on this journey of leadership driven by purpose. We hope to give you what you need to be fierce and brave, to seek out the greatness you envision. Being value-driven ourselves, we want to share what guides us.

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